Old Las Palmas Neighbor Organization


As you know, the Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization, using funds generously donated by our residents, is installing security cameras around the periphery of the neighborhood. Though the project has been delayed by unforeseen issues, we are now able to report that installation is complete for all six security cameras on N. Palm Canyon as well as our server for the cameras at City Hall. This means that all six of our cameras on N. Palm Canyon as well as the two previously installed by the City on N. Palm Canyon are now operational.

The remaining cameras will be "live"by the Fall of 2015.




The Old Las Palmas neighborhood is both beautiful and safe yet, even here from time to time, untoward events occur. Recently, gardeners have reported incidents of tools and equipment being stolen by thieves taking advantage of open gates while the gardeners were working. So warn your gardener to be watchful and alert to strangers accessing your property while they are there.

By each of us making a practice of following those few simple security measures spelled out at our fall OLPNO gathering by Palm Springs Police Chief Al Franz, miscreants will be inclined to take their mischief to more easily penetrable environments:

•   Keep all the doors locked when you are away - even for a short time - and make a habit of always arming your security system when going out the door.

•   Test your alarm system regularly.

•   Don’t make your home vulnerable when you’re on vacation. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to pick up newspapers, phonebooks, UPS notices and anything that may accumulate at your gate or door your while you are gone.

•   Keep perimeter and outdoor lights lit from dusk, and when you’re away, place a few interior lights on timers.

•   Maintain photo records of your belongings.

•   Be a good neighbor. Report any suspicious activity.


Do you know where to find the freshest and best locally grown produce from Certified California Farmers in Palm Springs?  Try the Farmers' Market: Winter (September to May) Saturdays: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, adjacent to the Camelot Theatres in the Palm Springs Mall parking lot at Farrell.

Summer (June to September) Saturdays: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, inside the Palm Springs Pavilion, 401 S. Pavilion Way.



The Advisory Board for the Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization is seeking neighborhood residents who would be interested in serving on committees and/or taking on other short-term assignments.  The time committment monthly is minimal.

If you would like to participate and help guide the organization to achieve its goals, please contact us.


We are very grateful to the 185 residents who have thus far made a membership contribution for 2015! If you have not yet renewed, you may download a renewal form and send it in with your check.

Here are ten good reasons why you should renew! Your membership and support provide the necessary funds to work with the city to make neighborhood improvements that benefit every resident.

Not yet a member? Download the application form and join the majority of your neighbors participating in the neighborhood organization.

Wondering why you should join OLPNO? Check out our Membership page for the top 10 reasons!

Is your neighbor not yet a member? Help us out by discussing with them the benefits of joining!


Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee


Your Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Representatives:

Geoff Kors

Doug Donenfeld (alternate)

Contact Geoff and Doug

The Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month beginning at 8 a.m. in the Large Conference Room at City Hall.


Vacation Rental AND EVENT HOME HELP Line

The City of Palm Springs has a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week "hot line" phone number for you to call if you have a question, concern or need assistance regarding a vacation rental home or an event house. The phone number is (760) 833-7988.


DO WE HAVE YOUR CURRENT Email Address? Stay informed...

We ask your assistance in updating your email addresses so that we can keep you informed of neighborhood and city issues. Communications can be faster and more efficient if we have a current e-mail address for you. If you have recently changed your e-mail address, or have not previously provided an e-mail address, please provide your e-mail address to the OLPNO administrator at info@olpno.com